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Le Macchiole

Paleo Rosso 2012

Grapes: 100% Cabernet Franc
Age of vineyard: 25 years
Grapes harvested by hand; 20 months in French oak barriques; not filtered.

Le Macchiole is one of the first wineries to have been established in Bolgheri, in 1983.Bolgheri is now one of the most famous wine-making districts in Italy, but at that time, it was almost exclusively known for its vicinity to the sea and for the peaches produced in the area. There have been lots of changes since then and today, wine is certainly the protagonist product. If this has happened, it is also thanks to the enterprise run by Cinzia Merli: “My husband Eugenio and I began with almost no equipment after having decided to abandon his parents' retail business and purchase a few acres of vineyards. Our project, which is still developing even today, started to take shape and I believe that Bolgheri is only at the beginning of its history. The area has just begun to be aware of its potential and which vine varieties grow best there. There's still lots to be done.”

“Paleo wine is representative of Le Macchiole and Le Macchiole is representative of Cinzia Merli. Heroine and wine grower who still allows herself the almost obscene luxury of romanticism. Crystalline talent. Perturbing timidity. Enchantment, in the glass and soul.” - Andrea Scanzi

“More than anything else, Le Macchiole is, and remains, Paleo, progenitor of all the other wines produced by the enterprise. For its expressiveness, consistent quality and representativeness. For the blend of elegance and temperament that has always been its distinguishing feature and that reveals its “Livorno-based origins’” - Fernando Pardini, L’Acquabuona 2013

“Twenty years in the world of wine are not many, but if you've changed the rules of that world they actually become challenging. That's what happened to Cinzia Merli when, two decades ago, she created a wine that was to become a classic on the Italian wine horizon: Paleo Rosso.” - Gambero Rosso 2013

“The Paleo 2010 version is extremely elegant and thanks to a cool year, focuses on verticality by maintaining a Mediterranean character and a powerful, satisfying taste.” - Guida Slow Wine 2014

“Paleo Rosso 2010 is the most impressive wine in this tasting experience and easily confirms its reputation as the best Cabernet Franc of the Tuscan coast. Of magnetic complexity, this wine joyously proposes the fragrance of black fruit, sage, rosemary, chocolate and spices in rapid succession. It remains closed and nervous on the palate, so give it the time it needs to soften.” - Wine Advocate, No. 208, August 2013

The decision to gamble on one specific vine variety was certainly courageous, but it allowed the potential of the Bolgheri terroir to be expressed in a different style. Le Macchiole enhances the characteristics of the area by producing original wines, result of ongoing improvements to both vineyard and winery. Nowadays, wine-making is conducted according to organic farming principles. “First and foremost, respect for those who work there”, affirms Cinzia. Cinzia's brother Massimo supervises this side of the business. “Cinzia Merli has pioneered a wonderful venture” - Guida Gambero Rosso 2013

“Wine-making at Le Macchiole is an echo of an interrupted dialogue between life and the vineyard, an exchange of which the contents cannot be perceived but whose traces constitute some of the best Italian wines.” - Guida Slow Wine 2013

“When it comes to the coastal area of Tuscany, Cinzia Merli's estate is probably the enterprise with the best qualitative development of the last decade” – AIS Duemilavini 2010

“Le Macchiole aims to create wine in which the character of the terroir is clearly evident but which possesses its own style, thanks to the imprinting the enterprise considers its own. Elegant, clean, decisive wines.” - Antonio Paolini, Gambero Rosso, May 2013

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