Aceto Balsamico di Modena
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Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Samaroli 1993 Jamaica Rum Full Proof Bottled in Scotland in April 2014 from selected Cask No. 40 Shop
Samaroli Bottled in Scotland in April 2014 from selected Cask No. 40 Clear, severe, unusual, powerful, original, elegant and intimate. In the mouth it gives a long fast jump forward, leading to an ample persistent series of sensations that, originating from an intense pungent mineral nature, exploring all the descriptive categories.

Fruity: banana, pineapple; spicy: star anis, cinnamon. Floral: linden, honey. Mineral: salty. Mysterious, enigmatic, indecipherable, magnetic, serious and strong.

An athlete concentrating before the decisive performance.

An amiable vigorous heart using track stand technique, but ready to sprint off. Its objective is the medal, a cerebral, well calculated conquest of the podium and the public. 

Just n.220 bottles 70 cl. - Alc. Full Proof (Over 50%Vol.) have been produced
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