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Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Madonna delle Grazie Il Marroneto - Brunello di Montalcino Shop
Madonna delle Grazie

Il Marroneto - Brunello di Montalcino 2009

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese Grosso
Age of vineyard: 40 years
Vinification and maceration in Allier vats for about 20 days; exclusive use of indigenous yeasts;
ageing in large 25 hl wooden barriques for 39 months; 10 months in the bottle.

“Il Marroneto was purchased in 1974 by Giuseppe Mori, father of Alessandro Mori, the current owner of the enterprise. When Mori, a lawyer, planted vines in the first plot of land, brothers Andrea and Alessandro immediately showed great interest. Thus the Mori family began to produce wine in the first two little rooms of Marroneto, the only ones available at that time, and as they did so, they gradually developed an increasing passion for wine-making and all the work involved. Il Marroneto began to develop after these first small steps. The winery was enlarged and while the father and his son Andrea decided to continue their careers as lawyers, Alessandro, who had also made the same decision, was unable to abandon the world that had, by then, captured his very essence. So much so, he decided to nurture Il Marroneto and its Brunello by turning this, his great passion, into his philosophy of life. Now, he actually makes the wine himself. The resulting passion
and enthusiasm are extraordinary. He only cultivates Sangiovese and uses the varietal vinification method. He doesn't do much to the vines. No weed-killers or special plant protection products are used. He loves the capacity of his wine to express the fruit and its fragrances, its ability to withstand 4 years in wood and to remain authentic, delicate and elegant after all that time.”

“The initially closed nose opens to reveal fascinating mineral notes and hints of fresh fruit. In the glass, it provides increasingly complex sensations thanks to floral and earthy fragrances, adding to a bouquet that never loses its cleanliness. Slender and long-lasting on the palate, of impressive harmony and length, free from fuss or excesses of any kind.” - Gambero Rosso, April 2015.

“Lovely scents of violets, roses, gunpowder tablets, fragrant berries and mint all blend in the glass. The extremely intense palate offers power, elegance and great depth of taste […] the richly fruited flavour and structure are ideal for an extremely long ageing period.” - Wine Enthusiast, May 2015

“It's the most recent vintage (2008), but even though it's young you can recognize all the distinctive features we have learned to appreciate in the more inspiring successes of Il Marroneto: the usual “nebbiolesque” roots and medicinal herbs, woodland undergrowth, an “old-world” touch of incense and potpourri, the seabed. But above all, that only apparently ephebic structure concealing a powerful, well-formed fibre, a filter for flavour and expansion” - Paolo de Cristofaro, Gambero Rosso, December 2013

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