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Oil Oil is a condiment that makes all dishes tastier. It provides every preparation with unique flavour.

Gleaming green-gold on our tables, the origins of this most familiar product are lost in time.

It is the natural dressing par excellence as well as being a basic source of nutrition in a correct diet since it contains irreplaceable components like phenols and tocopherols.

An essential ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine, it is well known and appreciated throughout the world.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil of superior category, obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means.

Each type of oil possesses different qualitative and organoleptic characteristics depending on the area in which it is produced, the type of cultivar and the oil-making processes employed.

Appreciate it with your eyes, perceive it with your nose and taste it on your palate: you'll be amazed.

A continuing Selection made by l-originale with obsessive care to provide only the best for your table, day after day. 
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