Aceto Balsamico di Modena
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Aceto Balsamico di Modena

L-Originale® Aceto Balsamico di Modena Condimento Balsamico 2000 drops of excellence, Shop
L-Originale® Aceto Balsamico di Modena 2000 drops of excellence,

For the jet-set of good food

We have created this product for people who love excellence, luxury, exclusivity and refinement.
The Black Diamond is the perfect match to satisfy both gastronomic connoisseurs and lovers of luxury; an original idea for a special gift, to amaze and unequivocally impress your acquaintances.

This extraordinary Balsamic Vinegar is the prize for the love and passion that our chosen producer shows for his work.
It is obtained from a set of barrels, kept in a splendid 19th century court, near Modena. The long history of this special vinegar loft is full of awards and satisfactions; the perfumes, you sense wafting their way to you, herald the high quality of its vinegars. A magical place, where you can feel time and traditions of Modena; always when we visit this loft, memories of our childhood bring us back to the time when our father taught us how to taste the vinegar of our barrels.

Discover the taste of luxury.

2000 drops of excellence, the Diamante L-Originale is a unique condiment made of the best cooked grape must only. Aged for more than 25 years in precious and different wooden barrels - oak, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, ash and robinia. Each drop of this vinegar releases a gradual burst of flavour: the result of the right blend of time, experience and extraordinary raw materials.
The continuous changing seasons determine the structure of the condiment, its balsamic aromatic complexity and its harmonious acidity.

You'll love it, even before tasting it.

The package that we have chosen for this superb condiment is a precious luxury case, made of lacquered real wood and finely lined with black velvet,  which you can turn into a jewelry box. The elegant Balsamic bottle, enriched with certified Swarovski crystals, lies in the box together with measuring cap and ceramic spoon: the only material that doesn’t affect the flavour while tasting.

Discover the pleasure of sharing this culinary masterpiece: an excellence unique in the world.

IMPORTANT: use this product RAW as a final condiment on your recipes.  Never cook it.

Product quantity: 100 ml.

For further informations about the product, please check the data sheet or ask us for advices. 

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