Aceto Balsamico di Modena
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Aceto Balsamico di Modena

01.11.19 Carpaccio with balsamic vinegar and olives Maria Cucina
NEWS Maria Cucina Perfect match for a fresh and tasty second course
We invite you to see this simple and quick recipe created by "Maria cucina”
Another incredible use of our Balsamic Jewels

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18.11.19 Focaccia with ham and Balsamic Pearls We propose another interesting use of our Balsamic Pearls.
Our friend, presents on her interesting Blog "Granella di Zucchero" a recipe where simple products are used, with an incredible result. A pleasant surprise for your palate

Read the recipe in the Blog Granella di Zucchero
13.11.19 Roasted prawns with Balsamic Jewels

Today our friend Maria delights us with an interesting combination:
roasted king prawns with balsamic vinegar. 
A quick and easy recipe, ready in few minutes.

Check the video of Maria Cucina... your dish will be mouthwatering and able to amaze your guests!

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07.11.19 Mortadella with mozzarella, Balsamic vinegar and chopped pistachio A new and tasty recipe for a quick appetizer.
Even today, Maria Cucina offers us an elegant and practical use of our Balsamic Jewels


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28.10.19 Grilled Tomini with pear jam and balsamic vinegar An old proverb says: "let the farmer not know how good the cheese is with pears". Today we could add "and with the Balsamico of Modena"

The mothers' section involves us with another simple and amazing recipe, where our Balsamic Jewels are used.

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