Aceto Balsamico di Modena
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Aceto Balsamico di Modena

28.07.19 ​Focaccia morbida e gustosa In cucina con Frollina
NEWS In cucina con Frollina Today we would like to share one of Katia’s creations, a recipe where we are not the main protagonist nevertheless we are proud to be a part of it.

We are pretty sure to add a great taste with our Gioielli di Balsamico to this kind of focaccia, a touch of Modena for a tasty dish, which will delight your hosts.
28.09.19 Salted sweet Cannolo with tuna, spreadable cheese and Balsamic Jewels In this wonderful video-recipe, created by Maria Cucina, we find a tasty culinary marriage between the north and the south of Italy: typical products of Sicily and Emilia Romagna are the protagonists of this mouthwatering combination.

An aperitif with a unique taste that will surprise your guests.

07.09.19 Delicious Chicken’s slices Once more we would like to share a great recipe enriched with our balsamic vinegar pearls.

Congratulations to Mary for the creation!!!
14.08.19 Pan Bauletto Mediterraneo

Even today I want to share another tasty creation by Katia. A second course enriched with our Balsamic Jewels

Enjoy the reading.

06.08.19 ​GQ Magazine UK We found an article from the famous GQ Magazine UK where one of our products sold by our partner ANDREAS in Chelsea London is mentioned

Condimento Balsamico “Lo Zio”  

We are proud to have been mentioned in this prestigious magazine.